Lowpoly Forest House (Animated)
Forest Torii Gate
Stylized Lowpoly Waterplane
Cute Stylized Castle
Hornet - Hollow Knight: Silksong
Teleporting Spaceship Animation
Lowpoly Water Plane Animation
Cyberpunk Housing Unit
Vaporwave Horizon Drive
Some vaporwave vibes for the summer. 🌴 🦩
Cyberpunk City At Night
A rainy cyberpunk city lit up and fueled by consumerism, power cravings and despair.
Morning in a Cyberpunk City
We've all seen what a cyberpunk city looks like at night. But what does it look like when morning breaks?
Futuristic Home Office
The futuristic home office I wouldn't mind to work in! Includes lots of smaller details based on some other things I've done.
80's Ferrari Lowpoly
Lowpoly model of an 80s Ferrari
Cybermancy Deity
Hackers need a protector too.
Shattered Skull - Trance/Synthwave
A colorful tribute to the 90's
Cyberpunk City Traffic
A lowpoly Cyberpunk city with a little traffic simulation.
Lowpoly Kitchen
A lowpoly isometric kitchen I created a while back. I redid the lighting and the colors and added a flower to give the scene a different feeling.
Hotrod - Lowpoly
A lowpoly hotrod scene based on a Buick 1930 Series 40.
Lowpoly Motorcycle
A little lowpoly motorcycle I've been working on and decided to turn into a wallpaper. 
Lowpoly Pikachu
Pikachu lowpoly wallpaper for different devices.
Cyberpunk Cityblock
A voxel cyberpunk cityblock with neon advertisements and sketchy corners.
Cyberpunk Police Station
A cyberpunk voxel police station, ready to fight cybercrime and oppress the citizenry.
Holiday Scene
A lowpoly holiday scene, made in Blender. :) I was rather happy with how the ice turned out.
Lowpoly Fishing Boat
A low poly fishing boat I created in Blender
The Shattered Tree
A low poly tree scene I created in Blender to experiment with some colors.
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